James H. Moore

A longtime interest in art and the natural world was the catalyst for James’s transition from a career in technology to a career as a sculptor. The journey began while growing up in Texas where he spent most summers with grandparents in rural environments. The opportunity to spend so much time with wildlife developed into more than a casual interest. The ability to draw led to many renderings of both wild and domestic animals and birds. Being self-taught, drawing slowly evolved into painting then sculpting wildlife. His current work incorporates experience from both painting and sculpture.

James feels viewing wildlife in their natural environment is important to developing an overall sense of the animals, their habits and gestures. Residing in the Bay Area of Northern California and Santa Fe, New Mexico, offers a variety of wildlife viewing opportunities. Observing wildlife in the southern Rocky Mountains is not difficult, however, many find it surprising to have deer, coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions in a neighborhood that has the San Francisco skyline as a backdrop; and bears are not too far away.

When most people observe wildlife, the focus is on the animal - eye to eye. The surrounding backdrop becomes blurred and abstract. The intent of James’s work is to capture this blend of realism and abstraction in a wall hanging collage of elements that form a vignette of the animal and its environment. Each piece consists of miniature animal sculptures set in fields of color, form, and texture. Elements of a piece include an acrylic textured and painted wood panel, cast bronze or silver figures, and combinations of stone, glass, wood or metal.

Flushed (Quail) at PitzersArt.com
Flushed (Quail)
Prairie Thunder (Buffalo Herd) at Pitzersart.com
Mister Wonderful (Longhorn) at Pitzersart.com
Above the Guadalupes (Golden Eagle) at Pitzersart.com
Canyon Rim (Mountain Lion) at Pitzersart.com
Crossing the Savannah at Pitzersart.com
Wapiti (Bull Elk) at Pitzersart.com
Wapiti (Bull Elk)
Sounds of Wings (Ducks) at PitzersArt.com
Mom, I Smell Berries at Pitzersart.com
Roscoe (Longhorn) at Pitzersart.com
Mountain Shadow (Big Horn) at PitzersArt.com
Cliff Hanger (Mountain Goat) at Pitzersart.com
Cliff Hanger and Mt. Shadow at PitzersArt.com
Airborne (Trout) at Pitzersart.com
Airborne (Trout)
They Call Him Mister (Buffalo)  at PitzersArt.com
Berries in the Air (Bear) at PitzersArt.com
Hill Country Flags at PitzersArt.com
Hill Country Flags
Caddis Hatch at PitzersArt.com
Caddis Hatch
Spring (Mare & Colt) at PitzersArt.com
Walk in the Woods at PitzersArt.com
Mountain Park Elk at PitzersArt.com

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