William Berra (b. 1952)

William Berra is an American Painter of landscapes, figures, and still life.  His work is represented by galleries throughout the United States and his work is in many public and private collections. William Berra was born in York, Pennsylvania, the youngest of three children. His interest in art started in grade school and continued to thrive throughout high school. Rather than following the usual course of study, Berra was fortunate to attend the York Academy his junior and senior years. He then attended the Maryland Institute of Fine Arts in Baltimore, where he experimented briefly with abstract expressionism and non-objective painting. He discontinued his course of study at the Institute to follow a path of his own choosing, working in a more traditional manner including plein air painting. Berra prides himself on being self-taught and takes satisfaction in having cultivated his own style of painting.
Cloud Study 6 New Mexico at Pitzersart.com
Lost in Thought at Pitzersart.com
Lost in thought
Discovery at Pitzersart.com
Diving Platform V at Pitzersart.com
Diving Platform V
Colors of Positano at Pitzersart.com
Colors of Positano
The Conference at Pitzersart.com
The Conference
On the Way to the Dances at Pitzersart.com
The Reverie at Pitzersart.com
The Reverie
Interrupted at Pitzersart.com
Interrupted SOLD
Noon Stroll at Pitzersart.com
Noon Stroll
Good Eats at Pitzersart.com
Good Eats
Checking the Perimeter at Pitzersart.com
Sumertime at Pitzersart.com
Winter Arroyo at Pitzersart.com
Winter Arroyo

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