Jimmy Dyer (b. 1956)

Jimmy Dyer is an artist who has worked long and hard to build his career as a fine art artist, and create his own identity in his art work. He developed his career under the influence of some of America’s finest painters while living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, particularly Wayne Wolfe and Tom Lovell. There and in Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming he had access to an abundance of spectacular, luminous landscapes. Needless to say, he recognized the necessity to travel in order to maintain vitality and inspiration for his light-filled paintings.

Over the years he developed a knack for finding captivating landscapes and subjects he paints directly from life, creating art with integrity and energy. Working in oil, Dyer seeks to combine the light, color and “painterliness” of plein-air painting with the solid drawing and tonal accuracy of more academic styles of painting.

"I love the challenge of capturing the many different aspects of my subject in a short time. The effects of light, form, an unusual design, the magic of nature, and the power of the human face and form; especially, capturing the effects of sunlight”.

Dyer feels that his constant challenge of new subjects from his travels stretches his abilities as an artist and allows him to return to his favorite subject with new knowledge and a fresh eye. “I am endlessly fascinated by new people and places and desire to search them out far and wide. Some of my most revered subjects are the indigenous people of the Andes Mountains. I remain in awe of the spiritual quality of their simple, yet difficult lives”.

Jimmy Dyer has indeed built a long successful career as a fine art artist, establishing unquestionable value in his art collected by many. He not only can paint a beautiful piece of art, but he has the work-ethic, the business head, and the discipline to achieve the success he now deserves.

Longhorn Spring at PitzersArt.com
Longhorn Spring
Country House at PitzersArt.com
Country House
Autumn Afternoon at PitzersArt.com
Autumn Afternoon
Down the Fenceline at PitzersArt.com
Down the Fenceline SOLD
Morning Encampment at PitzersArt.com
Morning Encampment SOLD
Teton Autumn at PitzersArt.com
Teton Autumn SOLD

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