Travertine and Desort Onyx Stone Fountains by Greg Robertson

Unique sculpted stone water fountains from different types of New Mexico Travertine which is a metamorphic limestone formed in hot springs.  The artist, Greg Robertson, makes frequent trips to the quarry to harvest large boulders to be cut down by giant saws, then transported to his studio where he cuts them more and does the fabrication.  Every inch of the stone is worked by the artist and all are bull nosed and sanded to find the very best, non-splashy flow.  All art designs are hand sculpted, mostly with carbide wheels and diamond blades.  Many of his designs are done free hand.  Each piece is individual and unique.
Navajo Wave Travertine Fountain at
Navajo White Travertine Fountain at
Rosa Santa Fe Traverine Fountain at
Navajo Falls Travertine Fountain at
Navajo Gold Travertine Fountain at
Ebb and Flow Travertine Fountain at
Vista Grande Onyx Fountain at

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