Unique Digital Photography by Tom Bender (b. 1943)

Tom is a Native Texan who transitioned to Maine, then back to Texas, while also transitioning from film to digital during that time. He returns many times to the places and objects he has photographed; to observe the time lapse – a couple of minutes or a several days – and reflect changes in light and the mood as he captures the images. The move back to Wimberley also moved his work more into digital photo art, some of it is surreal. This move is evident in images like his phone booth series, violin series and many more. While some of his surreal images invoke questions, they are never dark. Tongue in cheek would be the better description.

Tom is a “self taught photographer” whose training was due to a fortuitous collection of mentors. His first mentor; the most influential – taught him to see the details in reflections and in the shadows. Perhaps more importantly, he taught Tom how to capture those details on film. That profound experience shaped the next forty-five years of Tom’s artistic journey and resulted in a true love of art.
Stagecoach at PitzersArt.com
Inside the Fort at Pitzersart.com
Lofty Austin at PitzersArt.com
Lofty Austin
Driftwood Heritage at PitzersArt.com
Relics in the Hills at PitzersArt.com
Bell Tower at PitzersArt.com
Bell Tower
You First at Pitzersart.com
You First
Chuggin Along at PitzersArt.com
Chuggin Along
No Fare at PitzersArt.com
No Fare
Pondering Time at Pitzersart.com
Pondering Time
Goliad Mission at PitzersArt.com
Goliad Mission
Grueneish at PitzersArt.com
Gulls Being Gulls at PitzersArt.com
Houston Reflections at PitzersArt.com
Red Chevy at PitzersArt.com
Red Chevy
Mission at PitzersArt.com
Austin Abstract at PitzersArt.com
Austin Abstract
Fiesta at PitzersArt.com
Sea Glass at PitzersArt.com
Sea Glass
City Contrasts at PitzersArt.com
City Contrasts

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