Brian Schader

From the first display of his paintings to the public at age 19, Brian knew his path as an artist had been determined and from that day forward, he has dedicated his life to the creation of things that bring interest, intrigue and beauty to our surroundings.

Largely self taught, Brian's work has taken many forms through the years. Brian chose his profession over 30 years ago and has worked diligently to articulate his feelings and ideas through the mediums of sculpting, painting, printmaking, photography and poetry.

Brian is a member of the National Sculpture Society. His work has been featured in numerous newspaper articles, magazines both local and national. He has had One Man Showings through galleries in Scottsdale, Sedona, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Brian’s work has been collected by individuals and corporations for decades and his sculptures are exclusively monumental in nature and suitable for indoor or outdoor display.
The inspiration behind many of Brian's sculptures is narrated by poem or prose, hand written by the artist, then etched into a solid copper plaque accompanying the piece.

With a curiosity for Japanese Puzzle Boxes, Brian always tries to conceal connections or attachment points within his sculptures, and when it is necessary to reveal hardware or a weld he prefers them to be part of the art by making them bold or exaggerated.

"My expression has settled in sculpting as I'd like to create art that is impactful in scope and voice. Art that makes a difference. Art that reaches the widest audience. Art that outlasts my great, great grandchildren".
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