Scott Rogers

Scott Rogers, born in Mesa, Arizona, now lives and sculpts in Logan, Utah. History and art course through the veins of David “Scott” Rogers - sculptor. John Rogers, his Great Grandfather (six times removed) died as a martyr, burned at the stake in 1555, for translating and printing one of the first English Bibles. Two of his relatives, Thomas Rogers & Samuel Fuller, signed the Mayflower Compact - Plymouth 1620. His great, great grandfather, Henry Clay Rogers, was part of the expedition that settled Lehi, Arizona, 1877 (now present day Mesa - the very town Scott was born in, 1961). His Uncle, Grant Speed, was a renowned artist in western art.

It seems like only yesterday that I bought my first bronze from my uncle, Grant Speed. I took it home and looked at it for hours. In fact, that evening I took a sleeping bag out of the closet and lay by the piece to turn it in the moonlight. My love affair with bronze had begun. Six months later (in October of ’90) I came home from work, looked at that bronze and said, 'I can do that'.

The feelings I portray about the Old West I’ve had all my life. I remember fondly the hours spent as a youth reading of renegades, outlaws, of wild men and horses, ferocity, passion, cunning, honor, loneliness, fear, courage and freedom”. Scott’s work does justice to these men and women by creating authentic portrayals of what they represented

Art lifts the spirit! Art assists one to reach out for that which is good in life. Art inspires one to feel better about themselves and their fellow men..
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