Michael Albrechtsen (b. 1962)

Michael Albrechtsen may have started his fine art career a little later than a lot of artists, but he has dramatically made up for lost time. His decision to make art a career move came in in 1989 and his decision to leave the corporate world behind and make a commitment to his love of fine art came a few years later and he's never looked back. Born in Bountiful Utah at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, Michael developed a strong interest and connection with the out of doors at an early age.

"I paint in oil because I like the rich colors and how forgiving it is," he says. "I love the way the light affects things. The light changes throughout the day, changing its effect on objects. The time of year, the temperature, or the area of the country all play a part in the way the light changes. I try to take days off from painting and it just doesn't work. Painting is a way for me to to express my emotions for what I see around me. Whether or not I am able to sell anything is secondary. I would still have to paint."

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When Light Breaks
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