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Ken Requard an Arizona artist, started drawing as a child. He began painting with “paint by number”. He had an aunt, an amateur painter, who became his mentor. As a youth, he painted mainly landscapes in oil. He also loved architecture. He studied mechanical and architectural drawing in High School where he learned perspective. He had intended to become an Architect but was side-tracked in college to science instead. From age 18 to 33, he suppressed his artistic desires to pursue a career in Medicine as an M.D - Radiologist. The “visual-thinking” skills needed by a Radiologist fit well with his art interests. After marrying the love of his life and settling into a private practice career, he finally found time to return to art.

He was intrigued with watercolor painting but had no prior experience with it. Fortunately, his community had a local watercolor society that sponsored workshops with nationally known artists. He was able to study with masters including Milford Zorne, Judi Betts, Frank Webb, Al Brouliette, and others. He initially found watercolor to be very frustrating. His first attempt at painting outdoors with watercolor with Milford Zorne was a complete disaster! After about 50 failures, he had a breakthrough in a workshop with Judi Betts. Her approach to design and style of application were a perfect fit for artist who wanted more control over this challenging medium.

Ken would paint several nights per week and on weekends. He advanced his skills by painting a series of 2-3 paintings at one time. In his second year of painting, he had his first work accepted in the local watercolor society show and the following year won “Best of Show”. Within five years, he achieved signature status with the Northwest Watercolor Society and went on to have works accepted in the National Watercolor Society, and other regional watercolor societies.

His initial interest was in landscapes, especially architectural subjects. He also created florals including works with abstract elements and bicycle racers. His work was most notable for strong design and value pattern with interesting color schemes. Almost all of his work featured a strong light/shadow pattern. One reviewer commented that “the sun never sets in his world”.

Ken showed his work in outdoor art shows and regional galleries but his effort to make a successful business from his art faltered due to lack of time to devote to it. After years of watercolor painting, Ken desired to learn figure painting but felt that he could not achieve that goal in the watercolor medium so he decided to learn pastel painting. His breakthrough in learning pastel occurred at a workshop by Harley Brown. Ken loved the optical color mixing aspects of layers of pastel. Many of his pastel works incorporate Christian themes or symbolism.

In 2005, Ken had become frustrated with the framing difficulties for watercolor and pastel he decided to transition to oil painting. Due to time constraints and other factors, the learning process was slow. He benefited from workshops with Ray Roberts, Chauncey Homer, Michael Dudash, and the teachings of Gabor Svagrik and Phil Starke via EaselInsight.com. In 2016, he attended his first Plein Air Convention and Expo where his approach to oil painting was transformed by seeing a demonstration ay Australian artist Leon Holmes who painted extensively with a palette knife. It is ironic that Ken had painted with a palette knife as a teenager but had not thought of going back to it. Ken found that palette knife painting helped him to be more spontaneous in paint application. This led him to develop a style of paint application that partially reflects his experience with layers of paint in watercolor and the layered effects used in pastel. Ken found that by using thin layers of oil paint, he could partially achieve some transparency. By allowing the under-layers of paint to partly show through the subsequent layers, he could achieve the optical color mixing of pastel. This technique gives his work a unique vibrancy. Ken has also taken up outdoor or “Plein Air” painting which has also been challenging. In 2017, he participated in his first Plein Air competition at the Escalante Canyons Art Festival in Utah.

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Sonoran Serenity
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New Day Dawning
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